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Newmax Solar Gel (SG Series) batteries are true maintenance-free sealed batteries engineered to satisfy the need for frequent deep cycles from Photovoltaic (PV) and renewable energy storage applications.

Characteristics of SG series:

  • Long Life: High density, anti-corrosive lead calcium alloy is used in harmony with the GEL electrolyte to reduce sulfation effect significantly.
  • Maintenace Free: Gas re-aabsorption system makes it free of maintenance
  • Leak Free: Gel technology is applied to impregnate electrolyte on the separator to prevent leakage
  • Safety: Specially designed anti-explosion filter and safety valves prevent gas leakage when overcharged
  • Country of Origin Korea
  • Product Main Type Lead Acid (Gel)
  • Product Name Battery
  • Product warranty 3 Years
  • AC-nominal power 12 V
  • Product Net Width 260 mm
  • Product Net Weight 43 Kg
  • Product Net Length 500 mm
  • Product Net Height 225 mm
  • Nominal Capacity 150 AH